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Becoming a PMG Patient

Getting care from your Palos Medical Group (PMG) physician should be as easy as possible, so you can focus on your health. Save time at your doctor’s office by completing patient forms before your first appointment and bringing them with you. For a smooth experience, follow our guidelines for making appointments, paying bills and arranging medical tests. Don't have an appointment yet? Call 708-923-1000 today.

Patient Forms

If you’re visiting your PMG doctor for the first time or need to update your personal information, ask your physician’s office which of these forms you need to fill out and bring to your appointment.

Most of the forms can be filled out using your computer (or other electronic device) and then printed. However, signature fields must be completed by hand.

When you visit a doctor for a school physical, work physical or certain other appointments, your doctor will fill out forms assessing you or your child’s health.

Appointment Information

As our partner in caring for your health and the health of your family, you play a key role in our successful relationship. Please pay attention to the following important items about your appointment.

Medical Emergencies

Call 911 if you or someone else experiences a medical emergency, such as a traumatic injury, heart attack symptoms, severe bleeding or trouble breathing.

When you have non-urgent medical need outside of business hours, you may contact our office to reach an on-call physician. Or you can go to the Immediate Care Center if your physician's office is closed. Prescription refills should be handled during office hours.


Since your doctor makes every effort to see you as close as possible to your appointment time, we rely on you to keep on schedule, too. If you will arrive late, let us know. We understand life sometimes interferes with your plans, so if you’ll be more than 30 minutes late, we’ll reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, call us 24 hours before your scheduled visit. You may need to pay a $20 fee if we don’t receive timely, advance notice that you won’t be able to come.

Insurance & Payment

Find out how to make it as convenient as possible to finance your visits to the doctor. Please talk to a financial representative about insurance or billing issues at 708.827.2242.

Insurance Cards

If you have medical insurance, get your benefits by bringing your insurance card to each appointment and letting us know when your insurance plan changes.


Use cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express to submit your co-pays, which are due at the time of your appointment.

Billing Statements

After your insurance company pays its part for your medical care, you’ll receive a billing statement that shows the remaining amount owed and explains your payment options. You have 30 days to pay your doctor’s office the balance. Please contact your insurance company for an explanation of benefits and call the billing office with concerns if you receive a statement after 30 days. Stay financially prepared for doctor appointments by reading your policy to make sure your insurance covers the services you seek before your visit.

Workers’ Compensation & Vehicle Accidents

If neither you nor your insurance plan will pay for your visit for a workman’s compensation or vehicle accident, send claim information to your physician’s office ahead of time or bring it to your appointment. Call us for help determining what information to bring. When we receive everything we need, you’ll get into your appointment on time, and you’ll feel secure knowing your treatment is paid for.

Personal Information, Medical Records & Physician Referrals

We value your privacy and keep your health information secure. If you’d like us to share information in your medical record with someone else, ask your physician’s office for a medical release form. Fill out the form, sign it and return it to ensure we understand and follow your wishes.

You don’t need to make a written medical release request when we refer you to another doctor.

Copies of Medical Records

Call your physician’s office to request a personal copy of your medical record, available for just a small copying fee due at the time of pickup. If you’d like your medical record sent to another doctor’s office, we’ll transfer the information for free.

Become a Patient