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PMG Leadership & Physician Commitment

To ensure that Palos Medical Group (PMG) doctors and patients enjoy the best possible health care experience, medical providers and administrators pledge to maintain integrity and excellence, encourage innovation and build relationships. Discover the specific leadership responsibilities you’ll embrace as part of our practice.

PMG Leadership Commitment

The PMG leadership pledges to uphold the following standards:


  • Manage the organization with the highest standards of integrity, accountability and stewardship.
  • Provide opportunities for physician involvement and collaboration along with localized decision making.
  • Ensure efficient and open communication with providers.


  • Support the practice of state-of-the-art, evidence-based medicine.
  • Maintain a culture centered on the patient.
  • Manage your practice in an effort to exceed industry benchmarks in performance standards and patient satisfaction.
  • Recruit and retain outstanding physicians and staff.


  • Provide resources and support for continual organizational improvement.
  • Provide and support educational and leadership development for provider and non-provider employees.


  • Acknowledge and respect physician partnership in the organization.
  • Actively listen, communicate and share ideas with physicians.
  • Create an open, trusting and respectful workplace.
  • Provide competitive compensation consistent with market values and organizational goals.

Providers Commitment & Responsibilities

As a health care provider with PMG, you commit to uphold the following values:


  • Exhibit a very high level of integrity and professional conduct.
  • Understand and accept accountability for your actions and decisions.
  • Participate in communication.
  • Engage and support the decisions of the organization.


  • Encourage a team approach to patient care and communication.
  • Provide optimal patient access to care.
  • Insist on and provide superior customer service.
  • Deliver successful and timely work.
  • Embrace and participate in individual education and development.


  • Encourage and utilize technology to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.
  • Pursue the ongoing effort to exceed organizational goals and financial objectives.
  • Participate actively in organizational change and initiatives that drive organizational improvement.


  • Encourage patients and families to be involved in and understand care and treatment.
  • Collaborate with other physicians, staff and management to improve patient care and efficiency.
  • Respect diversity, culture, privacy and safety.
  • Engage within the organization and the community.

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