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Additional Health Care Providers

In addition to expert doctors, you’ll find a variety of other skilled professionals who help you get well-rounded care. You may benefit from seeing one or more of these practitioners.

Behavioral Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Advanced practice nurses (APRNs) perform health exams, order and interpret test results, diagnose conditions and develop care plans. Call 708.923.7878 to make an appointment with our advanced practice nurse at the Palos Health South Campus.

Kirk Bergmark, APRN, CNS


  • Bachelor’s degree: Psychology, Saint Xavier University, Chicago, Ill.
  • Master’s degrees: Nursing, Rush University, Chicago; psychiatric nursing, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill.

Certification: Clinical nurse specialist in adult psychiatric and mental health nursing, American Nurses Credentialing Center

“I want to assist people in finding their way to make the changes they want to make in their lives," Kirk says.

Doctor of Nursing Practice - Behavioral Health

A Doctor of Nursing Practice – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (DNP-PMHNP) diagnoses psychiatric and mental health conditions, conducts therapy and can prescribe medication. Call 708.923.7878 to schedule an appointment with our DNP-PMHNP at the Palos Health South Campus.

Debora Ellis, DNP-PMHNP


  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Rush University, Chicago

Areas of Interest: Personality disorders, PTSD, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders and addictions

Dr. Ellis’ philosophy of patient care is based on establishing a collaborative, therapeutic relationship with the patient that is founded on effective communication and honesty. “I believe the roots of a patient’s current symptoms are often found in the past. In order to access the past you have to develop an honest and trusting therapeutic relationship with the patient in the present moment,” she says. “It is important, as a provider, to employ empathic listening and to involve the patient in decisions regarding their care.”

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Social workers help you fulfill emotional and social needs associated with a health condition. Call 708.923.7878 to talk to a social worker. Find services at Palos Health South Campus.

Amy Shanahan, LCSW
Behavioral health
Education: Master of Social Work, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver
Areas of Interest: Anger management, conflict resolution, addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and healthy aging; individual, couples and family therapy

Clients say Amy is humorous and easy to talk with. "My approach is collaborative, meaning I treat my clients as equals in the therapy process,” she says. “People are resilient and capable of overcoming tremendous adversities."