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Abhishek Mehta, MD

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Abhishek Mehta, M.D., is a family medicine physician with more than 10 years of experience serving the Chicagoland area.

Dr. Mehta’s primary goal is to provide a holistic and comprehensive patient-centered caring environment for all his patients. “My philosophy of care is not just to provide preventive medicine and clinical education but also to diagnose and treat diseases promptly. I will care for you when you are sick and when you are well. I will team up with you to customize the plan of care based on your unique personality and circumstance. I will persist to provide high quality and compassionate care through open communication and respect for your concerns. I believe in building strong lifelong relationships with you and your family. I will respect your health, your choices and your time.”

Dr. Mehta is board certified by The American Academy of Family Medicine. He completed his medical residency at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago.

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Abhishek Mehta and I am a family medicine physician.

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(music playing)

Doctor talking with patient:
Well ev everybody in my family is a doctor so when you're young and seeing all my cousins and family members being doctor taking care of patients they had great pride in taking care of them and helping patients and when I saw that and then when I practiced that

Doctor talking:
 it gives me a great joy when I become a part of patients and their family and to help them is something that I enjoy and I don't think I can do anything else.

Family Practice text appearing on screen:
I choose family medicine because of the variety and the continuity of care found in this field.

Doctor talking with patient:
It gives me an opportunity on a daily basis to promote preventive health. I dedicated myself to treating and managing patients of all age groups including pediatric population, adult medicine

Philosophy of Care text appearing on screen:
and geriatric. My philosophy of care is to take care of the patient with whatever I can

Doctor talking with patient:
like listening to them, providing compassionate care, by coming up with a plan involving the family and having respect for their concerns. I try to take a holistic approach and I try to promote healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

Palos Medical Group text appearing on screen:
I choose Palos Medical Group because everybody here, the doctors,

Nurse with patient:
the nurses, the administration they are very dedicated toward providing good care. It's like a big family. Everyone is supportive of each other and they are working towards

Doctor talking with nurse:
a common goal to promote good health care. What I enjoy the most in this field is getting to know my patients,

Doctor talking with patient:
their families, coming up with a plan, helping them with their problems and seeing them getting better is what gives me a great joy.

End Screen:
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Abhishek Mehta, MD
Palos Medical Group

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