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Eugenia Kyriakopoulos, DO

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Medical Education

Midwestern University of Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine


Saint Mary Mercy Hospital, Family Medicine


Dr. Kyriakopoulos believes the best approach to patient care is a collaborative one. “I truly believe that a physician and their patients are partners in care. We both have the same goal in mind - to keep you and your family’s well-being a top priority. Everyday I strive to become a better ally in your care. I take the responsibility I have as your physician seriously, and I look forward to becoming an advocate for the health of your entire family.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Dr. Eugenia Kyriakopoulos and I'm a family medicine physician.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
(music playing)

Doctor talking with patient:
I became a doctor because it's something I've always wanted to do - to be a voice and an advocate for patients, and I always thought it was something that was missing from my own family's care. I went to medical school at Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and I completed my residency at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan. I enjoy practicing medicine in

Doctor talking:
the southwest suburbs because it's home. I grew up here, I went to school here, high school, it's what I know it's the people I know and love and this is family.

Family Medicine text appearing on screen:
I chose my specialty of family practice because I wanted to help a family in the whole.

Doctor with patient:
The thing I enjoy most about being a doctor is learning about my patients, learning about what makes them tick, learning about their everyday life and helping that aspect of things ensure that their health is better taken care of because of it. What interests me most about patient care and about family medicine in general is my ability to become a teacher to them and to help them understand their illness a little bit better so that we can both work together um in making them healthier. What I enjoy most about working with Palos Medical Group

Doctor with nurse:
is I feel we all collaborate as one to do the best for our patients. Uh I can always go to them and ask them questions things that I don't understand

Nurse with patient:
um and it's just constant open communication.

Philosophy of Care text appearing on screen:
My philosophy of care has always been that my patient and myself would be in a partnership. While I understand

Doctor with talking:
the health and wellness aspect of things, I think at the end of the day we both will work together to make sure that we're both working towards the best interests of the patient.

End Screen:
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Eugenia Kyriakopoulos, DO
Palos Medical Group

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