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Mary Rhodes, APRN

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Mary Rhodes is an advanced practice registered nurse who provides patient-centered care using current evidence-based and best practice techniques. She performs routine physical exams, diagnoses common and complex health problems, and helps manage acute and chronic diseases.

Mary believes in creating an environment where patients are comfortable discussing their health concerns. “I take time with my patients to understand what is going on so I can offer guidance and education regarding their health,” she says.

Mary received both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Nursing from Saint Xavier University in Chicago. She is also certified as a Nurse Educator and teaches in the graduate Family Nurse Practitioner program at Saint Xavier University.

Teaching or Professional Positions

Family Nurse Practitioner program, Saint Xavier University -  graduate instructor

Video Transcript

APRN talking:
My name is Mary Rhodes, family nurse practitioner.

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APRN talking:
I chose to become a registered nurse to help people. I knew that when I was a teenager that my career choice would be in helping others.

Registered Nurse text appears on screen:
It was when I was in undergraduate nursing school that I learned about the advanced practice registered nurse role

APRN talking:
and how I could expand on my nursing knowledge and care for patients in a different more thorough way. Now, as an APRN I am not only able to diagnose and manage illnesses, diseases or chronic health problems,

APRN with patient:
but more importantly I am able to discuss with my patients the importance of preventative health, decreasing risk factors for certain illnesses and those chronic health problems.

APRN talking:
I've been an APRN now for seven years and treat patients of all ages. My interests include pediatrics and women's health, but really preventative health for everyone is what's important to me. Education is also a special interest of mine, not only education for my patients, but for future nurse practitioners as well.

Philosophy of Care text appears on screen:
My philosophy of care is centered in getting to know my patients and creating an environment

APRN talking:
where they are comfortable discussing their health concerns with me. I take time with my patients to understand, not only what is going on with them, but to then offer guidance and education regarding their health.

APRN with patient:
In caring for my patients, I really enjoy the conversations we have. My role is as a facilitator of their health. I want to find out how I can best help my patients, so I listen to them.

APRN talking:
I admittedly do not have all the answers, but I let them know I will try to help them find those answers. Often that is me collaborating with my primary care physician colleagues.

APRN talking with assistant:
Also, consulting with and referring patients to specialists who are experts in their fields of practice.

Caring for the Community text appears on screen:
I feel a special connection to the people I serve in our community, I see them at the grocery store and kids sporting events.

APRN talking:
I think that helps my patients relate to me easier. They realize I am just like them, so when we're discussing lifestyle modifications like healthy eating, increasing daily physical activity, they realize that I am trying to incorporate this into my everyday life as well. Also in seeing and treating patients within the community, I tend to get to know and treat the whole family so it makes her a more well-rounded approach in my care of the patient.

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Mary Rhodes, APRN
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