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Michael Salvino, MD, FACS

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  • Plastic Surgery

Areas of Interest

Breast Reconstruction, Brow Lift, Facelift, Chin Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Surgery, Facial Implants, Fat Grafting, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Upper Arm Lift, Body Lift, Thigh Lift, Body Contouring after Weight Loss


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Medical Education

Chicago Medical School


Northwestern University, General Surgery
Loyola University, Plastic Surgery


Michael Salvino, M.D., is a double board certified physician in surgery and plastic surgery. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Salvino pairs his skill as a surgeon with an approachable bedside manner. “I enjoy the nature of my work. I gravitated toward this specialty because of the precision and art it requires. Yet what I love most about my career is helping my patients. I want each of them to be assured that they have received the best treatment possible. I listen attentively to their concerns and care for them just as I would hope to be cared for.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
Michael Salvino, plastic surgery.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor talking:
I chose plastic surgery, uh, for a few different reasons. Um, number one, I the vast scope of practice. We, uh, kinda touch everything from head to toe and skin to bone everywhere in between. Um, and so there’s no sort of part that’s off limits to us. And so that’s sort of exciting.


Doctor meeting with patient:

The other reason I’d say is it’s less dogmatic than other types of surgery. Um, there’s a lot of unique, uh, problems that we have to solve in creative ways. And so those are the main reasons why.


Plastic Surgery on screen:

Yeah, yeah so I, I enjoy breast reconstruction for many reasons. I think the patients are going through a lot and


Doctor talking to patient:

it takes a lot of understanding to, uh, help a patient through that process. And it is a process, uh, from start, from diagnosis, til, til they’re finished with their whole process of reconstruction and


Doctor talking to patient:

um, it takes a lot for that patient and it’s a long journey. Ah, the exciting part for me is that there’s a lot of options for women in, in the breast reconstruction realm and it’s constantly changing and evolving. Um, so to keep patients, um, educated on, on all the new things that are coming out and their options I think is key for, for women to get through that process. Another popular and exciting aspect of plastic surgery is the aesthetic surgery.


Doctor talking:

It’s, ah, becoming much more common, uh, with men and women, um, and there’s a lot of overlap between, uh, other physicians that I work with, uh, who have to combine cases, uh, something that’s medically necessary and patients who are having surgery determine, well, I’m going to have something else done at the same time. Uh, yeah its become much more socially acceptable, uh, much more readily available. It’s not for the rich and famous, it’s more for everybody and, uh, it’s, it’s certainly, uh, become um, much more popular in the last several years, for sure.


Palos Medical Group on screen:

I was born and raised on the south side and so I’ve known about Palos Hospital


Doctor talking to nurse:

for a long time, and, uh, I’ve enjoyed working with the other staff members here, the other physicians and I think I relate and understand the patient population well here.



Philosophy of Care on screen:

My philosophy of care is I try to treat every patient the way I would want to be treated.


Doctor talking:

There’s a lot of confusion about what plastic surgeons do. I get questions all the time from patients, what, what exactly do plastic surgeons do; even from other physicians who aren’t quite sure. We treat all kinds of different things, from, uh, congenital problems, you know, things that people are born with, birth defects, uh, trauma that might have hurt or destroyed some body part, uh, cancer, ah, skin cancer, breast cancer, these are lots of different things we would treat, so if you’re not sure, uh, make an appointment. We’ll figure it out.


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