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Miraj G. Shah-Khan, MD, FACS

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Dr. Shah-Khan is a board-certified general surgeon with extensive training and experience in breast surgery, which she brings to her role as Medical Director of the Palos Health Breast Program. Fellowship-trained in Breast Surgical Oncology from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Shah-Khan specializes in the evaluation and management of benign and malignant breast disease, as well as surveillance of patients at elevated risk for breast cancer. Her work has been published in multiple medical journals, and she has contributed chapters to several books on breast health, as well as presented at national conferences on breast disease.

Dr. Shah-Khan’s treatment philosophy involves a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer in a warm, nurturing environment. “Each patient’s unique circumstances must be considered when making treatment decisions,” says Dr. Shah-Khan. “I educate patients about their condition so that fear can turn into empowerment, and I offer the latest treatment options to provide the optimal treatment plan.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Miraj Shah-Khan and I'm a breast surgical oncologist.

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Doctor talking:
I chose my career because I've always been interested in cancer care and was drawn to breast cancer for a number of reasons. First of all, it provides an opportunity to care for and educate women which I really value. Also, breast cancer is a very dynamic field. Treatment strategies within all the disciplines involved, including surgical approaches, are always evolving to improve outcomes and quality of life. So it makes it an exciting field to be part of.

Breast Surgical Oncology text appears on screen:
I treat women and men with benign and malignant breast disease, as well as evaluate patients that may be at higher risk for the development of breast cancer.

Doctor talking:
So patients in my clinic may have a breast cancer diagnosis or a benign condition, such as a new mass, nipple discharge or abnormal findings on breast biopsy.

Doctor with patient:
When it comes to breast cancer treatment care is typically delivered in a multi-disciplinary approach with a combination of surgery, radiation and systemic therapy.

Doctor talking:
And, a treatment plan is typically tailored to each individual patient. Patients often meet with a surgeon as their first visit following their diagnosis. However, treatment plans are typically decided with a team approach and so it is critical that there is open and frequent communication among all providers involved in a patient's care, including the surgical oncologist, medical and radiation oncologists, as well as the patient's primary care provider and support staff that will be connecting with the patient through their journey.

Doctor with patient:
Also, it's important to me that women not only have the best possible oncologic outcome but also that they're happy with how they look and feel after breast cancer surgery,

Doctor talking:
and that is going to mean something different for each patient. Women that undergo treatment may experience changes in their body and so I want to provide patients with the surgical approach that is right for them, which may be a nipple sparing mastectomy or oncoplastic breast conservation for example.

When to get a Consultation text appears on screen:
A patient should seek the care of a breast surgeon such as myself if there is a new diagnosis of breast cancer

Doctor with patient:
or if there are new breast symptoms such as a breast lump that is felt by the patient or their doctor, also if there's a concern for possible elevated breast cancer risk due to a patient's family history or other conditions. These patients would undergo a risk assessment and potentially be enrolled in our high risk surveillance program.

Philosophy of Care text appears on screen:
My philosophy of care is centered around identifying each patient's individual situation and goals.

Doctor talking:
I think it's critical to really educate each patient as thoroughly as possible about their diagnosis, as well as their treatment options. At that point the decision making process can be collaborative and the patient can participate in developing their treatment plan

Doctor talking:
when appropriate. Also, it's important to me that each patient feels seen and heard in every interaction from the moment they walk in the door throughout their treatment journey whether they're being seen for a minor concern or a complex issue. When a patient receives a new breast cancer diagnosis it can be a very overwhelming time, but I found that the more a patient understands about the situation the better equipped she is to face her treatment head on.

Doctor talking:
I believe that education can provide hope and empowerment, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to connect with patients and see them through their breast cancer journey.

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Miraj G. Shah-Khan, MD
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