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Samer R. Rajjoub, MD

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  • Endocrine Surgery
  • General Surgery

Areas of Interest

Adrenal Surgery, Parathyroid Surgery, Thyroid Surgery


  • Arabic
  • English


Medical Education

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences


Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
PinnacleHealth Harrisburg Hospital


The University of Chicago Medical Center (NorthShore)


Samer Rajjoub, M.D., is a board certified general surgeon who specializes in endocrine surgery. Dr. Rajjoub’s philosophy of care is to “treat every patient as if they were a member of my own family.”

Professional Memberships

American Association of Endocrine Surgeons

American College of Surgeons

American Medical Association

American Thyroid Association

Chicago Medical Society

Illinois State Medical Society

Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons


Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
Samer Rajjoub, uh, general surgery and endocrine surgery.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
(music playing)

Doctor talking:
I became a physician, um, as cliché as it is, to help others. Um, uh, I come from a family of physicians. Actually my dad is a neurosurgeon, and growing up seeing him, um, really help the small community we were in in Pennsylvania is, is something you can’t forget. He went overseas a lot too, he did a lot of mission work, and, um, the impact that he had was, was great. He’s still a practicing surgeon now 40 years later.

Doctor meeting with patient:

I grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Williamsport Area High School and I went to Washington University in St. Louis for my undergrad education. Um, from there I went to George Washington University for medical school. Um and uh, after, after GW I went to Penn State where I started residency at for surgery and then transferred to Pinnacle Health Hospital which is, uh,

Doctor talking:

a sister hospital nearby. Um, and then I, I, finished my, uh, my education at, uh, the, the University of Chicago North Shore program

Endocrine & General Surgery on screen:

for endocrine surgery. I, I think that specialties in medicine, it’s kind of, I tell my friends, uh, that it’s like Harry Potter and the sorting hat, you know? (laughs) Almost specialties pick you more than you pick a specialty sometimes, and I think that that stands very true in medicine. Um, I, I do, I have always loved working with my hands, whether it was, uh, building things or putting a car models together as a kid. Um, but, uh, I have a particular attention to detail, um, I do like things organized in a very specific fashion (laughs) both at home and in the hospital, um, and I think that that lends itself very well to surgery, um, surgery is very gratifying in that, you know, you can fix

Doctor examining patient:

something with your hands and you see the results from that relatively quickly, which which I, love, so I, I, I do, uh, complex hernia repair, I do robotic surgery, normal hernias, hiatal hernias. You know I, I do the appendix and the gall bladder, um, but my passion is really my fellowship which is in endocrine surgery. Um, the majority of that work here is in treating thyroid and parathyroid disease, um, so I do thyroidectomies and parathyroidectomies.

Palos Medical Group on screen:

There are a lot of things I enjoy about Palos Medical Group, I think, um, that most importantly we have a very strong leader here

Nurse talking to patient:

who has a vision for this hospital and for the group, and just in the short two years that I’ve been here, um, I’ve seen it grow, uh, rapidly and in, in the right direction. Um, and, uh, at the center of Palos Medical Group is the patient always. Um, I think that there’s a need in the southwest suburbs, and, uh, we’re

Doctor talking to nurse:

we’re filling that need. We’re filling it with people who know what they’re doing who care about their patients. I was the first employed general surgeon here and, uh, since that time we now have four of us. Uh, I feel that, uh, that

Philosophy of Care on screen:

we’re only going to get bigger and better.  My philosophy of care is to treat everyone like they’re my own family. And I tell my patients that all the time,

Doctor talking:

I, I, I genuinely feel like if you treat your patients like they’re your mother, your sister, father, grandparent, um, you can never go wrong

Doctor talking to patient:

with that. I put my heart and soul into my work and into my patients and when your patients and their families realize that, um, you’ve treated them the same way you’d like to be treated or you’d like your family to be treated everyone understands.

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