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Published on March 26, 2010

Palos Community Hospital Named Affiliate Treatment Center by the National Lymphedema Network

Palos Community Hospital has been designated an Affiliate Treatment Center by the National Lymphedema Network. Through the Rehabilitative Services department, Palos Community Hospital offers a comprehensive Lymphedema Program to help manage and control the symptoms of the condition.

"Being named a National Lymphedema Network Affiliate Treatment Center is very exciting for our Lymphedema Program," explains Carrie Leflar, clinical supervisor of Women's Health Services for Physical Therapy at Palos Community Hospital. "To be recognized as an Affiliate Treatment Center there are qualifications for therapist education, treatment techniques provided and support services offered, all of which have been met by our program. Our quarterly support group and collaboration with board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician Yasemin Ozcan, M.D., who specializes in lymphedema, are just a few things that make our facility unique."

Lymphedema is characterized by increased swelling, most commonly in the arms and legs, which is caused by the build up of protein-rich lymph fluid in a specific region of the body. It generally develops after lymph nodes in the affected area are injured or removed, which often occurs during cancer and radiation treatment. Without proper management, lymphedema can result in open wounds, infections and difficulty with day-today-activities.While there is no cure for lymphedema, a Palos Community Hospital physical therapist, who has completed advanced training, can help patients manage and control the condition. The hospital offers an evaluation of the condition by a physical therapist, as well as assistance with manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and fitting, skin care, therapeutic exercises and self-care techniques.

For more information about the Lymphedema Program or the Lymphedema support group available at Palos Community Hospital, call (708) 923-5050 or visit