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daVinci Robotic Surgery Coming to Palos

Starting in November, the latest in surgical technology comes to Palos Community Hospital. The innovative daVinci Robotic Surgical System will facilitate complex surgical procedures using minimally invasive methods. The robotic-assisted, minimally
invasive methods will be used in urologic, gynecologic, and general surgery procedures. The Robotic “wrists” enable the surgeon to have 360 degree rotation of surgical instruments.

That translates to more precise surgical accuracy to navigate around delicate and vital nerves. This technology has proven to benefit the patient’s recovery experience and clinical outcomes including:

  • significantly reduced pain;
  • less blood loss;
  • reduced complications;
  • less scarring;
  • a shorter hospital stay; and
  • a quicker return to daily activities.

Once the Hospitaller Pavilion opens in the spring, the robotic system will be moved to one of the new surgical suites.

“The surgeons affiliated with Palos are looking forward to having this as an option for their patients,” says Trish Heerlein, assistant vice president of Nursing, Special Care Services. “This is just another way to demonstrate our commitment in bringing state-of-the-art technology to our community.”