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Published on October 30, 2014

Palos Community Hospital hosts Ebola Roundtable

Palos Community Hospital leaders recently met with community emergency medical personnel to prepare for the possible presentation of a patient showing symptoms of having Ebola.

Interim President and CEO Terrence Moisan, M.D.; Kurt Wagner, medical director for the Emergency Department; Trish Heerlein, assistant vice president of Nursing; Jim Boyle, director of Critical Care Services; and Bhagavatula Ramakrishna, M.D., an infectious disease specialist, talked with first responders and answered questions concerning highly communicable diseases, including Ebola and MERS-CoV.

The roundtable was one of many steps the hospital has taken to prepare for such an emergent situation. An Ebola Committee, comprised of physicians, nurses, infection control practitioners, and organizational leaders, has been meeting for several weeks. Their primary responsibility is developing a detailed and evidence-based approach (as supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) related to the specific needs of patients presenting with such illness.  

“This is preparing for something we hope never happens,” says Dr. Moisan. “However, we must be as prepared as we can for any situation we may face. Our partnership with many surrounding pre-hospital providers will ensure a collaborative approach to serve the needs of our community.”