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Published on November 22, 2019

Palos Hospital Unveils Latest in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Palos Hospital installed the da Vinci® Single Port Surgical System. This latest generation robot is equipped with a single robotic arm, providing the surgeon with deep and narrow access to tissue through a single, small incision. Palos Hospital is one of only three hospitals in the state of Illinois to provide this advanced surgical system to our surgeons as an option for our patients and community. Currently, Palos Hospital is the only community hospital in the Midwest with this innovative technology.

“Embracing new surgical technology demonstrates our commitment to bring advanced techniques to our community,” said Terrence Moisan, M.D., President and CEO of Palos Health. “The surgeons on our medical staff have adopted robotic and minimally invasive surgical advances with the goal of continually improving outcomes and enhancing quality.”

The new surgical system expands Palos Hospital’s ability to serve a wider array of patients who may benefit from this emerging technology.

Palos Hospital has offered robotic-assisted surgery since 2012 and currently has three da Vinci Surgical Systems, two Xi and one SP.