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Who We Are

To ensure our ongoing success, we insist in selecting the highest caliber, most compassionate, committed and talented individuals to be members of our team. Becoming part of Palos means embracing “CARE,” our organization's Culture of Excellence and providing the very best Health Care Experience for our patients, visitors, physicians and co-workers by meeting specific expectations and following our standards without exception.  


Compassion And Respect = Excellence
At Palos we believe it is every employee’s responsibility to create and sustain a vibrant service culture and provide an extraordinary experience for all those with whom we interact. We achieve this by demonstrating without fail our respect for every individual, our respect for the dignity of all human life and our respect for each other through compassionate human response. We attract and retain passionate employees who share our values and we ultimately hold each other accountable for providing this extraordinary experience. 


Attendance and Schedules

As a trusted health care provider, Palos operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – without exception. When an employee fails to meet the expectations of arriving at work on their scheduled day and time, the entire group and its productivity and success suffer.  

Depending on your position within Palos or the department you are assigned to work, employees may be required to work during various shifts, on weekends, holidays and during inclement weather or other emergency situations.  

Occasionally, patient emergencies may require employees to stay beyond their scheduled shifts. Other emergency situations may require that employees be called into work before their shift, or on their scheduled day off. Our patients, physicians and co-workers rely on us to be there when needed – without exception.  


Our appearance at work represents all of Palos to our patients and visitors and immediately suggests to them the level of professionalism, care and respect they can expect to receive from Palos and the people that work here. The image we seek to project through our appearance is that Palos provides high-quality healthcare in a compassionate and respectful manner, consistently meeting and often exceeding the expectations of our patients and visitors.

We will…

  • Show good judgment at all times related to our appearance by dressing in “business” attire not business casual or casual
  • Dress in well-maintained, proper fitting clothing with appropriate undergarments
  • Wear soft soled, quiet footwear
  • Understand that good personal and oral hygiene are important components of our appearance
  • Maintain hair in a clean and natural manner in a style conducive to health care
  • Remove hats while inside
  • Keep facial hair well trimmed and out of interference with medical masks
  • Adhere to all hospital and departmental policies regarding appearance and uniforms

Each prospective employee is expected to uphold our Culture of Excellence that we call “CARE." In order to be a valuable member of Palos, you must share our Vision to be the best health care provider, our Mission to provide for the health needs of our community and our Values.

In addition you must be someone who:

  • Engages in open communication
  • Maintains a positive attitude
  • Possesses a commitment to teamwork
  • Exceeds patient expectations
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Accepts accountability

If you would like to be part of a culture where CARE is a standard, then please take the time to explore the career opportunities available at Palos.

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