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Daniel Rowan, DO

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  • Cardiology
  • Cardiology - Interventional

Areas of Interest

General and interventional cardiology since 1993.


  • English


Medical Education

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Chicago IL


Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago IL


Rush Hospital


Dr. Rowan has developed a highly personalized yet relatively simple philosophy of care that involves, "treating people the way I would want to be treated."

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Daniel Rowan. I'm a cardiologist and specifically an interventional cardiologist.  

Palos Health Logo and Cardiovascular Institute showing on screen:
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Doctor talking:
I think cardiology is a specialty that allows you to encompass all areas of medicine. It allows you to be a complete physician and I'm very happy in my career as a cardiologist.  

Patient Care text appears on screen:
One of the things that I find most enjoyable in taking care of patients

Doctor talking:
is that I can take someone who's got a problem that's been very difficult for them to deal with and make them understand it, make them deal with it and live their lives in a normal way. And I find that very rewarding to give people the knowledge in which to deal with things that they didn't really understand prior but now feel that they can move forward without any concerns.

Interventional Cardiology text appears on screen:
I'm a cardiologist but specifically an interventional cardiologist. For those who don't know,

Doctor talking:
you do about two to three years of general cardiology training then you sub-specialize in interventional cardiology. Cardiology is a specialty that allows you to be board certified, but interventional cardiology is an additional year of training where you become board certified and you deal with balloons, stents, lasers and a variety of things that allow you to do not only diagnostic procedures but therapeutic procedures. And I found it to be very rewarding because interventional cardiology became a specialty in the early 90s and I've been involved with it since its beginning.

Consulting a Cardiologist text appears on screen:
Patients should see a cardiologist both acutely and chronically. And by that I mean

Doctor with model heart figure:
if acutely obviously if you have symptoms of discomfort in the chest usually described as a pressure-like sensation in the chest, and they should be seen because they can develop coronary artery disease and specifically blockages in the arteries. So in an acute

Doctor talking:
sense any pressure in the chest should be evaluated by a cardiologist immediately. Left arm pain, things that jaw pain, those are the type of things that would lead one to see someone in a chronic basis.

Palos Health text appears on screen:
My philosophy of care is very simple. I want to treat people the way I would like to be treated.

Doctor talking:
Specifically, I think it's extremely important that people understand that doctors, while thought to be omnipotent and they have all the answers, are just people like anyone else. And it's important that you develop a rapport with patients such that they feel comfortable in telling you things that they do both on an everyday basis and in an intimate way. And so I think it's important for that person who is a patient to be able to have confidence in their physician that he's not only knowledgeable but that they can relate to them.

Doctor using stethoscope:
And so my philosophy is that I try to bond with patients such that they feel comfortable in talking to me. I was born and raised here. I know people from the south side. I know how to take care of them

Doctor talking:
both medically but I also know how to talk to them, and I think that's extremely important that patients feel comfortable with their physician. 

End Screen:
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Daniel Rowan, MD
Palos Medical Group

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