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Fariha Kausar, MD

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  • Rheumatology

Areas of Interest

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Sjögrens Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Inflammatory Muscle Disease and Musculoskeletal Diseases


  • English
  • Urdu


Medical Education

Dow Medical College


Cleveland Clinic


Loyola University Medical Center


Dr. Kausar’s philosophy of care is focused on providing a comprehensive, yet individualized, approach to managing rheumatologic diseases. “I strive to deliver quality care to all my patients and am sensitive to their diverse needs. I place particular emphasis in establishing lasting and personal relationships with my patients.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
Fariha Kauser, Rheumatology.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor talking:
I chose rheumatology early on … uh, during my residency training because, uh, it is a fascinating field, uh, that involves, uh, diseases that start from the immune system being overactive.

Doctor walking to patient room:
Um, the challenge in treating these patients is that the diseases often involve different organ systems.

Doctor meeting with patient:

so I like to see myself as a provider, putting on many different hats on any gi … any given day. Um, to give you an example, some of my patients

Doctor talking:

have lupus that is involving their kidney or rheumatoid arthritis involving their lungs, so the challenge is really treating the different facets and aspects of the disease on any given day.

Rheumatology on screen:
I generally work with, uh, adults. Uh, our typical referrals

Doctoring talking to patient:
or reasons that bring patients in to see a rheumatologist is, uh, ongoing, uh, unclear origin of joint pain, joint stiffness, rashes, fatigue, muscle pain. Um, often patients are referred to a rheumatologist if they have ever autoimmune labs that are drawn for any reason, but generally joint and muscle pain are what, uh, brings people in to see me.

Doctor examining patient’s hand:

I enjoy the fact that I am able to serve people and patients of the community that I live in. Uh, so I’ve lived in this community for a long time, this is where I moved

Doctor talking to patient:

once I completed my training at Cleveland Clinic.

Palos Medical Group on screen:
The benefits of working in Palos Medical Group is that I have  really all specialties that I need at any given time.

Nurse examining patient:
Uh, we collaborate with each other closely. I’m able to pick up the phone and speak to any provider or uh, uh, in my patient’s care uh if I need to, so the ease of communication is always there. My philosophy of care

Philosophy of care on screen:
which starts ideally on the first visit that I establish with a patient, is to

Doctor talking:
look at establishing a long-term relationship with my patient and the family. Um, so, autoimmune diseases are chronic, life-long diseases that need ongoing treatment they need ongoing monitoring of the disease and medications, um, so while I like to be

Doctor working with patient:

an advocate and a team leader and my patient’s health and their care, I uh, respect and, uh, uh, request patients to be as active, uh, as they can in their own, uh, health as well.

Doctor talking to patient:

So I encourage patients to bring in family members, and, so, you know, we’re all equally involved and on the same page at all times. I also strive

Doctor talking:

on a daily basis to listen to my patients because they have, uh, long-standing issues with fatigue, they battle with daily pain, um, which effects their overall functioning, and inside the home and out, at work, um so I feel like by listening I am able to provide better care, um, and formulate a better treatment plan long-term.

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Fariha Kausar, MD

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