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P. Gregory Striegel, MD

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Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital


Dr. P. Gregory Striegel is a board certified family practice physician who also serves as medical director of the Palos Health Wound Care Clinic.

With extensive experience as both a family and emergency room physician, Dr. Striegel is eager to help the wider community receive the care they deserve. “I am committed to helping my patients enjoy a healthier lifestyle, he states. “I work with each person to discuss specific ways they can make better choices for their health.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Greg Striegel, MD, I'm a family practitioner.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor talking with patient:
I wanted to be a family practice doctor because you get to see the whole breath of life from uh obstetrics to pediatrics uh to all age groups - adults, geriatric and find that extremely rewarding to see everybody from all ages.

Doctor with patient:
I graduated undergraduate pre-medical from the University of Notre Dame. I received my medical training from Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, which is now affiliated with the University of Toledo. I did my training and family practice at LaGrange uh up the road in LaGrange, Illinois.

Philosophy of Care text appearing on screen:
My philosophy of care is good health through teamwork. I believe in becoming a team member with

Doctor talking:
my patients and individualizing their care as much as possible. And I'd like to think I give them a backstage pass into being a doctor and educating them how they can achieve good health uh that I don't just give them instructions and say do this, but I walk them through the process of educating them why they should do this.

Doctor with patient:
And I myself am a patient and I walked through processes and problems that I've had both as my myself so uh so I definitely incorporate um the teamwork model uh with patient care. Uh I have interests in immediate care, ER and wound care above and beyond the traditional family practice so I do a little bit of everything. Um I enjoy all breaths of both chronic care and acute care. I do admit to the hospital as well, so I see inpatients as well.

Doctor talking:
I got into wound care as part of my training through the years and came to enjoy that quite a bit. Uh and immediate care, I've always enjoyed it's a very uh

Nurse with patient:
comfortable place for me seeing the acute care patient problems. And in some cases, I'm blessed enough to have those patients follow me in my regular practice. In my practice I see pediatric above age five, but I do see people of all ages either at the immediate care and/or the wound care center. So I'm pretty comfortable with almost every age group.

Palos Medical Group text appears on screen:
Palos Medical Group offered so much for my practice and all the work that I do. Uh Palos has had uh

Doctor with talking:
open arms for me to be able to do everything that I like to do, which is wide. So they've allowed me to come on board and uh carry my practice forward uh and I'm encouraged to the opportunity to keep uh all the work going uh that I've started.

End Screen:
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Gregory Striegel, MS
Palos Medical Group

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