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James Ferrel, MD

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Medical Education

University of Cincinnati


MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, Illinois


James Ferrel, M.D., is a family medicine physician who practices preventive care and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions.

Dr. Ferrel delivers compassionate, patient-centered care. “My patients will always receive the same attention I expect from my own doctors,” he says.

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My specialty is family practice and I'm James Ferrel.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor talking with patient:
I was motivated to become a physician by an experience I had with another doctor my senior year in high school, and I was really impressed by his dedication to helping other people and so I basically wanted to follow in his footsteps. My education uh was University of Cincinnati undergrad and medical school.

Family Medicine text appearing on screen:
I went into family medicine actually after I practiced one year

Doctor talking:
and my internship in internal medicine and at that time I felt that the narrow focus of internal medicine was not really uh what I wanted to do and

Nurse talking to patient:

that my perspective was really to treating the whole person and not to uh narrow in. And so, I went into family switched to family practice after my first year of internship and was able to now treat the whole family from kids all the way up through geriatrics.

Palos Medical Group text appearing on screen:
In private practice I was able to follow my patients,

Doctor talking:
take care of them in the office, uh take care of them in the hospital and also went to several nursing homes and could follow them at that point and then back again in the office. And probably the biggest reason that I chose Palos Medical Group to join uh going into the future was

Doctor with nurse:
that option was open for me. So I have an office practice. I see all my patients in the hospital as well as then into

Doctor talking:
the nursing homes and I also follow some of the Palos Medical Group patients into the nursing homes as part of our expanding community based medicine program which is really exciting because that’s a definite need.

Philosophy of Care text appearing on screen:
My philosophy of care is that

Doctor with patient:
I want all of my patients to be treated exactly the way I would expect to be treated by my own doctors. And, I will take the time to make sure that their questions are answered and we need to get to the bottom of the problems and make sure that they’ve received excellent care.

End Screen:
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James Ferrel, MD
Palos Medical Group

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