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James Magee, MD

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University of Illinois, Peoria IL


Christ Hospital & Medical Center, Oak Lawn IL


James Magee, MD, is a board-certified family medicine physician who treats a broad range of conditions in patients of all ages. He takes special interest in geriatric care.

Dr. Magee views the relationship between doctor and patient as a partnership. “When patients bring their health concerns to us, our role as physicians is to help them sort out those concerns by offering sound advice, guiding them through the health care maze so that they get the appropriate testing and treatment, and encouraging them to participate in maintaining their health, to make healthy lifestyle choices, and to co-manage their medical conditions in some instances.”

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is James Magee and I'm a family physician.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor with patient:
I chose to become a doctor very early. I was actually a child at the time and it was a a dream that my parents encouraged so um I kind of knew all along that this is what I would do.

Doctor talking:
I chose to go in to family medicine because I realized in the very beginning that it was that one-on-one attention with a physician who knows you well and can help guide you through your healthcare needs um that is most important and it's an essential part of a good health care system.

Doctor with patient:
Uh I attended the University of Illinois College of Medicine. I was in Chicago for a year for basic medical um knowledge and then I went to Peoria for about two and a half years where I feel I got a very um broad and very um personal kind of attention to my medical training. Uh we didn't have the same pressures of being in a big city hospital, we had excellent attending physicians who took the time to spend and make sure that we learned what we needed to learn and I think it gave me a little more encouragement about going into primary care as a specialty. I treat all ages of patients uh from infants on through basically the end of life. I think I enjoy most uh meeting people getting to know them

Doctor talking:
um seeing them at times when they need help and even at other times when they're doing well and we're just trying to keep them that way.

Nurse with patient:
I have an additionally of interest in geriatrics uh and I a certificate of added qualification in geriatrics. Um it’s something I started really at almost at the beginning of my practice career because

Doctor talking:
I had many uh older patients in my practice and I acquired many more over the course of a couple of years time and I had the opportunity to uh declare myself uh and decided that it was worthwhile to pursue.

Palos Medical Group text appearing on screen:
 I think what drew me to Palos Medical Group at the beginning was the fact that I saw that they were trying

Nurse with patient:
to build a community-based healthcare system that would meet the needs of not just the people who could get to the office but also the extended community and um being a part of that has been pretty exciting for me. So I do like that

Doctor talking with nurse:
and I do like working with the group of physicians that I'm in. My philosophy of care is

Philosophy of Care text appearing on screen:
that we need to have a personal one-on-one relationship

Doctor with patient:
with our physician. We need to have an understanding and to work together toward achieving healthcare goals um both the doctor's  goals as well as the patient's goals and that that's best served in the primary care setting. I think the reason it's important to have a family physician is that health care in the United States can sometimes be very fragmented and very confusing

Doctor talking:
both for patients as well as for providers and um having someone who's familiar with how the system works and who can help assist you getting to the right person, the right physician, the right specialist and advise you when you need advice about what the best thing to do is is probably very important.

End Screen:
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James Magee, MD
Palos Medical Group

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