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Mary E. Monaco, DO

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital


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Dr. Mary Monaco is a board-certified neurologist who provides quality care to patients with a broad range of neurological conditions. She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and American Osteopathic Association.

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Mary Monaco, I specialize in Neurology.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
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Doctor meeting with patient:

I became a doctor because I wanted to care for patients. I enjoy the gratification when patients get better when they come to see you and they’re having severe migraines and they come back and you’ve treated the migraines and they’re living a better life. I chose neurology because I was interested in the neuroscience field, neurological diseases.

Neurology on screen:

Uh, a neurologist treats headaches, epilepsy,

Doctor talking:

seizures, stroke and dementia, so some patients see a neurologist after they’ve been seen by their primary care physician and they just don’t seem to be getting better. So they come and see a neurologist for

Doctor meeting with patient:

You know, whatever their primary care doctor was doing, you know it was just not working for them. I did my residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and I did a fellowship training which is extra training after you’re done with your residency and I did that in electrophysiology which includes EEG and EMG.

Doctor talking to nurse:

I enjoy working with the other physicians, the clinic I, I’m in. There’s rheumatology, there’s endocrinology and a podiatrist, so it’s nice to be in a clinic

Doctor examining patient:

that has other specialists. I’m an adult neurologist, so I see patients from 18 to

Philosophy of Care on screen:

elderly patients. My philosophy of care is to, you know, treat the patient and their families.

Doctor talking:

I think it’s good to get the families involved especially patients with dementia, just so they know what to expect in the future if their family member has dementia, you know, what to expect and how to help care for them.

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