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Salem Makdah, MD

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Salem Makdah, M.D., is an internal medicine physician. He cares for patients in various settings, from primary care in the home or office, to acute care in the hospital, to post-acute care in rehabilitation clinics.

Dr. Makdah believes in combining the philosophies patient-centered and evidence-based care. “When treating a patient, I tailor a plan of care to their needs while still consulting the most recent medical information,” he says. “I approach care conservatively, minimizing unnecessary treatments and procedures with the intention of preventing complications. Part of this conservative approach involves educating patients about the fundamentals of health, such as maintaining a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. When other medical providers are involved in the care of a patient, I enjoy collaborating with them to ensure that the individual receives the best possible treatment.”

Dr. Makdah completed his medical residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn and has been practicing in the southwest suburbs of Chicago for three decades.

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Salem Makdah and I'm an internist.

Palos Health Logo showing on screen:
(music playing)

Doctor talking:
I chose internal medicine because it gives me the opportunity to have a broad based knowledge about the medical illnesses that patients present with.

Doctor with patient:
I enjoy the variety of patients and and symptoms and diseases. I also feel that the internist is the coordinator of care. So over the years of

Philosophy of Care text appears on screen:
my practice I developed some philosophies that I practice. The first one, and the most important one to me, is

Doctor with patient:
listening to my patients. Also, with, um, my job as an internist is to be an advocate to the patients and, uh, be a counselor sometimes. When you have a long-term relationship with the patients, that becomes very important. Um, my other philosophy is to minimize intervention as a, uh, to reduce the chance of complications and, uh, side effects of our treatments. One of my passions is antibiotic stewardship which I practice and preach everywhere I go — to my colleagues, nurses, patients and family members.

Palos Medical Group text appears on screen:
So when I looked at Palos Medical Group, I liked the emphasis on quality more than quantity. It's a small group and it can still have

Nurse with patient:
that channel of communication with the leadership and I know everybody in the group and I thought that was a good fit for me. Um, being in one place having one main practice and one location was a big plus to me. So I have my hospital, the office, I have

Doctor talking to nurse:
some nursing homes and, and, and given the opportunity to be involved in the home care side of

Doctor talking:
that equation it really fits my, my style and my expertise so I thought that it's a win win, uh, for everybody.

End Screen:
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Salem Makdah, MD
Palos Medical Group

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