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Thomas Quinn, MD

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  • Cardiovascular Institute
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  • Cardiology

Areas of Interest

General and noninvasive cardiology.


  • English


Medical Education

Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago IL




Cook County Hospital, Chicago IL


Dr. Quinn has extensive professional experience with Chicago-area hospitals and health care centers. He embraces the relational as well as the scientific aspects of medicine. "I use the latest available tools in medical therapy and technology while treating my patients as I would my friends and family members," he says.

Video Transcript

Doctor talking:
My name is Thomas J. Quinn. I am a cardiologist  and I've been in practice for about 35 years.  

Palos Health Logo and Cardiovascular Institute showing on screen:
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Doctor talking:
Back through high school and college I always liked the sciences and as I got into college  learned more about that. Then, went to medical school and in medical school you try and choose the specialty you want to be in. I've always found cardiology the most interesting and challenging of the medical specialties, and combinational procedures, and using your intellect to answer questions, solve problems and that's why I went into cardiology.

Philosophy of Care text appears on screen:
My philosophy of care is the personal practice of medicine. Through the years I find I get the most

Doctor talking:
enjoyment out of learning what the patient does for a living, what kind of hobbies and interests they have, and as I get to know them over several years we learn about their grandchildren and their children,  

Image of doctor with patient:
what they do, and the patient becomes in many ways a friend and a partner in taking care of  themselves. I enjoy that immensely.

Geriatric Cardiology text appears on screen:
Since I've been in practice for a good 35 plus years, I've learned that my patients have grown with me.

Doctor talking:
So almost by default I do a lot of geriatric cardiology, patients who are above the age of 75 or 80 who I’ve known for a long time. The geriatric population has its own unique problems that we have to deal with. Medications have side effects, moving forward with invasive procedures or sometimes a little bit more difficult so I like dealing with that population.

Consulting a Cardiologist text appears on screen:
They should work in hand-in-hand with their primary care physician who will often direct them to see a specialist

Doctor talking:
and a cardiologist. But in general if patients have cardiac symptoms and they're not feeling well the symptoms being chest discomfort with exertion, shortness of breath, episodic dizziness, those are reasons that a cardiologist may be helpful in working with the healthcare team to sort out the diagnosis and begin a treatment program.

Palos Health text appears on screen:
I'm glad that I've become part of the Cardiovascular Institute because I think we have the potential and are evolving into a

Image of doctor with cardiovascular team members:
tertiary center. We do everything from preventive medicine, diagnostic studies,

Doctor talking:
therapeutics and we've brought on new programs such as TAVR which is a valve replacement  through a catheter. We have a heart failure clinic and a heart and wellness clinic in which we are able to adjust patients medicines with heart failure, we keep them out of the hospital and improve the quality of their life. We have open heart surgery here which is second to none with excellent surgeons. The statistics coming out of the heart surgery program again are second to none we have great outcomes. We take care of acute myocardial infarctions promptly and meet national guidelines for all of those things as well. We’ve brought on several additional cardiologists all with special talents that enhance the reputation of the cardiologists that are already on staff.

End Screen:
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Thomas Quinn, MD
Palos Medical Group

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