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Tina Murphy, APRN

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Tina Murphy is a family nurse practitioner who provides primary care for her patients. She takes a special interest in promoting women’s health throughout all stages of life.

Tina utilizes a holistic framework to provide compassionate and individualized care. “I believe it is essential to understand the individual as comprised collectively of mind, body and spirit,” she says. “Through this method of understanding my patients, I feel I am best able to identify the root cause of a patient’s concerns and formulate a plan that may incorporate conventional as well as alternative modalities of care. I educate patients on disease prevention and health promotion and empower them to become engaged in attaining and maintaining wellness.”

Tina received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL, and her Master of Science in nursing from St. Xavier University in Chicago, IL.

Tina Murphy’s office is located at the Palos Health South Campus, 15300 West Avenue, Orland Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Palos Medical Group at 708.590.5304.

Video Transcript

Provider talking:
My name is Tina Murphy and I’m a nurse practitioner.

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Provider talking:

So, I started out my career as an RN. I’ve been in health care over 20 years. Um, in the hospital I have the ability to work in most specialties. I worked in cardiology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and my path always led me back to

Provider meeting with patient:

women’s health. I became a nurse practitioner because I always felt that I could make a difference and I really like helping people. It gave me the opportunity to go to school to learn things that I enjoy, I’m very scientific, um, but also to work with people

Philosophy of Care on screen:

My philosophy of care is based on treating patients the way I would want to be treated and to me that means taking time to listen to the patient, making them feel comfortable, and establishing a relationship with them that’s based

Provider talking:

on trust. Once you do that then you can work together as a team to create a plan that meets their health care needs.

Nurse examining patient:

Certainly I have a passion for women’s health and empowering women to make informed health care choices, um, and working with them I like to, um, promote a lot of different therapies as well as traditional medicine but I also like to incorporate fitness, wellness, uh, diet, exercise, things that we can do as they’re going through certain transitions, so there’s definitely a lot of options in trying to help people feel well. I currently see patients ages 16 and up for women’s health issues.

Provider talking:

In women’s health care, women can come to the office for multiple reasons. Sometimes they’re just not feeling well they have questions, concerns. Um, at the age of 21 we do, uh, screenings

Doctor meeting with patient:

for cervical cancer, so we do like women to start coming to the gynecologist at any time they’re having any concerns about their health care.

Palos Medical Group on screen:

I love being part of Palos Medical Group for many reasons. Um, I love working with the team of doctors that are available. We have multiple specialties that are available to work with our patients. We’re all very compassionate and caring, it’s a team

Provider talking with nurse:

approach, and that’s very important. Also this is the area I grew up in. I did my clinicals here as an RN, I even had one of my daughters here. So its always been a goal of mine to serve the community that I, I live in.

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Tina Murphy, APRN

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