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Heart Monitoring

If you experience heart palpitations, heart pounding or other symptoms of an irregular heartbeat, your doctor may ask you to wear a painless, noninvasive heart monitor to record your heart’s rhythm over time. The monitor provides information that your medical team at Palos Health uses to diagnose your condition and determine whether you need treatment.

Types of Heart Monitors

Two kinds of devices available at Palos can record your heartbeat: a Holter monitor and an event monitor.

Holter Monitor

A Holter monitor logs each beat of your heart for 24–72 hours. On your chest, you’ll wear sticky electrodes—conducting patches—attached to a small recorder carried in your pocket or a special pouch. In a diary, you’ll write about what you do and the symptoms you experience while wearing the device. Doctors will match the information you provide with the Holter monitor’s recordings. Because you wear the device for only a short time, it’s most useful when your symptoms occur multiple times a day.

Event Monitor

When you notice signs of an irregular heartbeat less often than once every 24 hours, your physician may recommend an event monitor. You’ll wear this device each day for up to a month. Each time you experience a symptom, you push a button on the monitor to immediately record the heart’s rhythm. Your monitor might wirelessly transmit the information to a 24-hour monitoring center, or you may receive instructions about how to send the data over the phone.

Where Can I Get a Heart Monitor?

If your physician requests heart monitoring, get a Holter monitor or event monitor at Palos Hospital in Palos Heights, IL or at Palos Imaging & Diagnostics at the Palos Health South Campus in Orland Park.

Follow Up With Your Doctor

Your cardiologist will review the data your heart monitor collects, and then talk with you about the results. If you receive a diagnosis of a heart condition, your doctor will recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Palos makes it easy to get whatever therapy you need. We offer the a spectrum of cardiac services and treatments close to your home.