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What Our Heart Care Patients Say

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Some of your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends are healthier because they got heart care at Palos Hospital. Discover how our experienced cardiac specialists helped them become some of the most satisfied heart patients in the Chicago area.

Man Resurrected After Cardiac Arrest

While experiencing a heart attack, Mike Stillman went into life-threatening ventricular fibrillation. Then, his heart stopped. When he regained consciousness, Stephen Chester, D.O., told Mike he’d died—and been brought back to life. “Life is a true gift,” he said.

Man Gets Timely, Lifesaving Treatment

Just hours after being diagnosed with blockages in six arteries, Rob Unger was scheduled for bypass surgery at Palos Hospital. Delaying the operation might have increased the risk of heart attack or heart failure, said Michael Bresticker, M.D. That’s why Palos maintains advanced diagnostic and treatment technology that can care for serious heart conditions quickly.