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Your Safety & Security

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To request home care or learn more about Palos Home Health Care, call us at 630.257.1111. We are available 24/7 to residents of Cook, Will, Kendall and DuPage counties.

With Palos Health's Home Health Care, you are in good hands thanks to our strict, thorough safety measures—including extensively trained staff, who will teach you about reducing the risk of falls and properly managing medications. As an active care partner, you also learn how to advocate for yourself or your loved one’s safety.

Even when we’re not in your home, we can track your health with telemonitoring technology that electronically transmits your vital signs to our registered nurses. Ask about this service that helps us identify problems before they become more serious.

Stand Up for Safety

Stay informed and involved in your or your loved one’s care to improve safety. Follow measures such as:

  • Asking questions to make sure you understand your home care provider
  • Making a list of professionals who will visit your home, getting a copy of their schedule, and requesting identification when they arrive
  • Practicing medication safety and keeping a list of current medications with you in case of emergencies
  • Requesting a written care plan you can keep

Prevent Falls

About half of fall injuries happen at home. Reduce your risk of falling inside or outside your home by:

  • Asking your doctor what exercises, like Tai Chi, you can safely perform to improve balance and coordination
  • Getting your vision checked to make sure you can clearly see obstacles and gauge distances as you walk
  • Installing grab bars next to your toilet and in the shower
  • Keeping frequently used items in easy-to-reach cabinets and shelves
  • Putting handrails and bright lights in stairwells
  • Removing trip hazards, like shoes and electrical cords, from hallways and stairs
  • Talking to your doctor about alternatives to medications that make you dizzy
  • Using non-slip mats in the bathroom or applying double-sided tape to rugs to keep them from slipping