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Rapid Start RehabSM

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Learn more about Rapid Start RehabSM and what to expect during and after your surgery by attending one of our joint replacement education classes.

When you choose Palos Health for joint replacement surgery, you’re selecting one of just a few hospitals near Chicago that provides a seamless transition from inpatient treatment to home care and outpatient rehabilitation.

At Palos, we know we’re caring for our family, friends and neighbors. So we want to be sure you’re eating well, managing pain, using your new joint correctly and moving safely before you head home.

Orthopaedic Rapid Start RehabSM

The innovative Orthopaedic Rapid Start RehabSM program at Palos addresses two of your main concerns when considering joint replacement surgery:

  • How will I be able to get around my home safely after surgery?
  • When will I be able to resume my normal activities?

By choosing Palos Home Health after your elective total joint replacement surgery, you’re automatically enrolled in Orthopaedic Rapid Start RehabSM. We'll coordinate an initial visit to your home by a Palos Home Health nurse and a physical therapist. As appropriate, participants receive physical therapy for five consecutive days—including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays—in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our services are designed to help you return to your optimal level of function as quickly as possible.

Starting Therapy Early Improves Outcomes

By starting physical therapy shortly after surgery, you can reduce the amount of scar tissue that may develop, limit your pain and improve your range of motion. Palos’ Rapid Start RehabSM helps you quickly and safely achieve your maximum range of motion, which may reduce the total amount of physical therapy required to reach your goals.

Seamless Coordination from Hospital to Home

With seamless coordination, our Home Health nurse and physical therapist evaluate you within your home, reinforce the goals and expectations of upcoming therapy sessions, ensure a safe home environment following surgery and quickly begin your rehabilitation program.

Ask About Rehab for other Orthopaedic Surgeries

Orthopaedic Rapid Start RehabSM is tailored to joint replacement patients, but may help you after other musculoskeletal surgeries, too. We’ll work with you and your physician to find options for your rehabilitation needs.