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Occupational Therapy Gives Local Woman a Hand

Vanetta Weigman was spending a pleasant afternoon gardening when she suddenly found herself lying on the ground, her right arm racked with pain. “I was standing on only the second rung of a ladder. I must have reached for something and lost my balance,” she believes. Her injuries were, in a word, “catastrophic.” Essentially, Vanetta had fractured both bones in her arm, separating her hand from her arm. While her orthopeadic surgeon, Michael Liston, MD, remained positive, the reality was that she was at risk for losing her hand and could end up crippled for life.

Vanetta spent the next 10 weeks in a cast, after which she began occupational therapy at Palos. “When I started I could barely move my hand,” she recalls. “Fortunately, I had a therapist who was right there with me.”

That therapist is Palos occupational therapist Nancy Stanley, who worked with Vanetta weekly for a year after her surgery. “When I initially saw Vanetta, her severe injury meant treatment would focus on restoring motion and strength, while maintaining control of swelling. Throughout the rehab process, she remained highly motivated. Her positive approach made a difficult process very successful.”

“Nancy gets so much credit for helping me throughout the rehab process and giving me little victories so I would not get discouraged,” said Vanetta. Although her road to recovery was not an easy one, today Vanetta has almost complete use of her hand. She enjoys golf and even took up piano to keep mobile and not regress. The only thing she does avoid—ladders!

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