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Palos Continues to Grow

Our vision from the beginning was to always grow and expand to provide you with ever advancing health care. Today, we're proud to announce that we've accomplished our largest transformation yet: adding 400,000 square feet to enhance patient care, safety and comfort. In addition, we collaborated with our physicians and nurses to add features and technology that will completely change the hospital experience as you know it.

  • Making your experience remarkable

    Palos is redesigned Easy access to Surgical & Same Day Procedural Services Design elements inspired by nature to soothe and inspire Curved ceiling windows for more natural light Multiple waiting areas for more privacy and comfort Convenient location for outpatient testing

    Palos has gone above and beyond what you'd expect to find at a community hospital. From comfortable waiting rooms, to design elements inspired by nature, and single entry points to simplify your visit, Palos has completely changed the health care experience as you know it.

  • State-of-the-art is in the details

    Palos is 14 new operating suites Sterile corridor used only to deliver surgical instruments Sophisticated lighting to give surgeons shadow-free vision Monitors to access medical history and images Multi-purpose surgical bed to accommodate open and minimally invasive procedures

    Our new, fully equipped operating suites allow us to perform the most advanced procedures today and far into the future. Offering new capabilities like the southwest suburbs' only Hybrid OR and the most advanced robotic surgery equipment available. Every room is designed to provide the highest level of care possible.

  • An environment that heals

    Palos is all private rooms Space so family can be near to provide comfort Nurse inspired safety features like a direct response system Wall-to-wall windows to let in natural healing light Sound absorbing floors for maximum peace and quiet Private bathrooms improve patient safety Televisions also provide patient education

    Our spacious, private patient rooms are designed to bring the highest quality care right to the bedside. Each room has three separate zones to maximize healing. One for family to help relieve stress, one for nurses so they can care for you without disturbing your rest and one just for you. Each room has leading-edge technology, like our hand-held nurse response system and features that will help you heal faster.

  • Enhanced intensive care

    Palos is a new 24-bed ICU Adjustable lighting to create a calming patient experience Nurse monitoring station to ensure patient safety Oversized breakaway doors allow continuous monitoring and easy access for specialized equipment

    Palos Hospital's new ICU provides all private rooms equipped with the most innovative technology. Our nurses' stations are positioned so nurses can constantly monitor patients without disturbing them. Every room has important features, such as large windows, soothing colors, adjustable lighting to maximize healing and patient comfort along with in-room family space to provide peace of mind. Everything you need when it's the most critical.