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An Open Letter to the Community: Palos Health Focus Remains Unchanged

Terrence Moisan, M.D.

As we move into the next phase of recovery in our state, it seems an appropriate time to take a moment and reflect on events at Palos Hospital over the past months. While the novel coronavirus was not something anyone anticipated in 2020, the response of our staff to the subsequent health care crisis—while impressive—was not surprising. As long as I have been involved with this hospital, its employees have handled every challenge with remarkable compassion and exceptional care for our patients.

As you are hopefully aware, our entire team—from nurses and physicians  to housekeeping staff to food service providers and the myriad of others who provide support each and every day—has worked tirelessly throughout  this pandemic  to care for all who came through our doors. Some have seen their duties expand and intensify, while others have had to take on completely new roles in order to fill a particular need. But all have soldiered on with the goal of keeping this hospital running as smoothly as possible so that patient care remained a priority. I could not be more proud of how they have responded.

This year, as we do every winter, Palos implemented extra precautions during flu season in order to protect our patients, visitors and staff. As the spread of COVID-19 continued, we needed to quickly  modify and expand these safeguards. To say our staff met that challenge would be an understatement. Not only was the response swift, but many areas were able to develop new and creative solutions to issues and coordinate their implementation as a team. I am immensely appreciative of the level of resourcefulness and responsiveness they displayed.

It goes without saying that in the months ahead many hospital practices and processes will change. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gowns and gloves, will be a common sight in our public areas, not just on patient floors or in operating rooms. Sneeze guards and hand sanitizer stations are more abundant. Social distancing measures will be in place wherever this is an option. But one thing will remain constant: Palos Health’s commitment to the health and safety of our community.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the community for the enormous outpouring of support we have received. The donations of meals and PPE, the heartfelt expressions of gratitude, the encouraging signs and even parades, have all been touching and humbling to witness. I know I speak for everyone at Palos Health when I say that it has been an honor and a privilege to care for you and your families, and that will most certainly continue as we move forward together.

Terrence Moisan, M.D.
President and CEO
Palos Health

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