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Get a new perspective on your health through the stories you’ll read and the helpful information you’ll find in Palos Health's award-winning magazine.

If you live in our region—Chicago’s southwest suburbs—it’s likely you’ll receive our publication, Perspective, in your mailbox three times each year. And you can always find electronic versions of our recent issues online.

Fall 2019 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Winter 2020

- Non-invasive treatment for colorectal cancer

- Planning for end-of-life

- Local man helps others through heart surgery

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Fall 2019 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Fall 2019

- New surgical technique for men at Palos

- A nutritionist weighs in on healthy eating

- Plan for post-hospital recovery

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Spring 2019 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Spring 2019

- How to care for your colon

- The many ways Palos Rehab helps patients

- New technology helps many patients avoid blood thinners

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Spring 2018 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Winter 2019

- New exercise program for leg pain

- Surgery relieves heartburn

- Get on track with Palos Behavioral Health

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Spring 2018 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Spring 2018

- New hope for depression

- Get your feet summer ready

- Top health tips for men and women

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Winter 2018 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Winter 2018

- Tiny device makes big impact for heart patients

- Opioid crisis explained

- New resource helps manage diabetes

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Fall 2017 Perspective Cover

Perspective - Fall 2017

- New option in breast cancer surgery

- Don't ignore leg pain

- Get kids to eat healthy

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Persepctive Cover Spring 2017

Perspective - Spring 2017

- Taking on Alzheimer's

- Breathe easier - get relief from spring allergies

- Lose the salt, keep the flavor

- Emergency room vs. Immediate Care

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Perspective - Winter 2017

- Network experts: why artery and vein conditions demand a specialist

- Advanced surgical technique for breast cancer patients

- Deadly superbugs: how to avert a crisis

- Don't neglect your neck!

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